I will always remember this institution with fond memories.

I will always remember this institution with fond memories.

I remember the first time I set foot in this college back in 2015 . Unlike other colleges in Trivandrum this college is located in a remote village set in the backdrop of forests which provide a cool atmosphere throughout the year. SIST has a majority of staff who have worked in prestigious  Government institutions such as ISRO and VSSC who are willing to impart strong morals as well as subject knowledge to the students.

I was a student of Computer Science Engineering Department and was among the first batch of students in KTU university. I remember especially during our first year where the syllabus of some subjects had changed from CUSAT university and the teachers as well as the students were struggling with the change. But the teachers did a fantastic job in understanding the new course content and teaching it to us which proves that out teachers can handle any challenge thrown at them.

Our teachers encouraged us to learn from our mistakes and always reminded us of a corporate world out there which does not recruit candidates based on marks but also on their skill levels. Our teachers used to teach us or at least keep us informed about the latest trends in technology.

It was with great sadness that I left the threshold of this institution and will always remember this institution with fond memories.

Regarding the facilities our college has a massive library with more than 30 international journals and 20 national journals which should help students keep up with new improvements in their field. Regarding the computer lab our college has more than 500 computers with linux installed to help students to apply their technical knowledge.