The department of mechanical engineering was established in the year 2004. It has highly qualified and well experienced faculty members with a blend of academic and R&D exposure. Over the years, the department has acquired massive infrastructure in all laboratories and workshop. The department has been shifted to the new main building which has a perfect blend of architectural excellence with the natural contour of green terrain. The department has all the inbuilt infrastructure and excellent facilities to pursue academic studies in Mechanical Engineering. A few former students of our department have been pursuing their M-Tech program in premier institutions like NIT, IIT, etc. Also few of our students are absorbed in ISRO, HAL,HLL etc. Proposals are in process for starting M-Tech program immediately. Received good appreciation even from AICTE on the project works of our final year students and an innovative project work is being carried out for Medical College, Trivandrum.

The platform, Forum of Innovative Royal Mechanical (FIRM) was formed to share and exchange the latest developments in Mechanical Engineering. The bimonthly publication , FIRM VOICE under FIRM is a tool for communication of the activities of the Mechanical Engineering. The department of Mechanical Engineering is making every effort to mould students to the required shape by highly qualified well experienced teachers.

The department has also well equipped laboratories with advanced equipments, machinery and softwares.


The academic mission of Mechanical Engineering is to develop and prepare applied mechanical engineers, multidisciplinary leaders, and technical managers for a global and diverse market. This mission is accomplished through the pursuit of distinction in fundamental and applied research for faculty and students in an academic and cooperative environment that promotes scholastic performance, sound engineering fundamentals, strong design experiences, and personal professional integrity. The Department of Mechanical Engineering encourages and fosters team participation, creative thinking, a competitive spirit, and professional activities.


The vision of Mechanical Engineering Department is to train the students to have in-depth knowledge of the subjects in the field of Mechanical Engineering thereby making them to develop high level of confidence for carrying out R & D activities and for placement in multinational and national companies and to serve the Nation.


The following program of education objectives are developed with the goal of preparing students to enter a modern Mechanical Engineering workforce and to be successful in their career and profession. The educational objectives are consistent with the university, college and department missions as well. The objectives are:

  • Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering Program must have acquired knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering and have developed problem solving skills necessary for productive careers in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering Program must have acquired knowledge in aerospace, applied mechanics, design, energy engineering, and manufacturing and robotics.
  • Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering Program can design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data, and effectively use modern technology in communication, research, and problem solving.
  • Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering Program have the ability to formulate engineering problems and design a mechanical engineering system or component.
  • Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering Program must have developed teamwork, leadership, and communication skills to solve engineering problems effectively.
  • Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering Program are exposed to issues dealing with people in relation to themselves, society and the environment and understand the need for social, professional and ethical responsibility in engineering practice.