The department has property equipped and well maintained facilities such as class rooms seminar hall, Department library and laboratories to cater for the practical classes and student projects as well as for undertaking research activities . The Facilities available are indicated below.


There are 3 large, comfortable class rooms, to the laid down specifications, in the main building, meant for the students of 2nd, 3rd and 4th years. The class rooms for the 1st year students are located in another separate building. These class rooms have been provided with all the accessories require.


The laboratories meant for undergraduate students include :

  1. Electronic Circuits Lab
  2. Communication Lab ( Advanced Communication Lab)
  3. Microprocessor Lab
  4. Digital Electronics Lab
  5. Digital Signal Processing Lab
  6. Embedded Systems Lab
  7. Opto Electronics Lab / Fiber Optics Lab
  8. Electronic Design and Automation Lab

Electronics Circuits Lab

This is a lab where the students learn the characteristics of different electronic devices and the basics of circuit design and implementation. The lab contains all necessary measuring instruments, display instruments, power supplies and function generators for the students to do experiments. This lab is divided as Basic Electronics, circuits I and circuits II lab for third, fourth and fifth semester Electronics & Communication students respectively. In Basic Electronics lab, familiarization of electronic equipments are done. Also characteristics of diodes and transistors are observed. In circuits I lab, different amplifying circuits, oscillator circuits and multivibrator circuits are implemented. In circuits II lab, circuits and applications of operational amplifier and 555 timer are done. Apart from Electronics and Communication students, third semester students of Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Instrumentation and Computer Science disciplines also make use of this lab.

Communication Lab

The main sections in Communication Lab are analog communication, digital communication, microwave communication, optical communication and wireless communications. About twenty experiments on the basic and advanced communication engineering in analog, digital, microwave and optical communications are carried out for undergraduate students of the pre-final and final year batches, as lab 1 and lab 2 respectively .The main equipment/trainers are: CRO, Optical Communication Kit, Microwave Bench-Gunn model and Klystron model, Satellite communication trainers, Television Trainers ,Advanced antenna trainers, DM/DPCM Kits and ICs for logic gates and Linear integrated circuits.

Microprocessor Lab

Microprocessor lab is fully equipped to provide students with an exciting environment to implement and experiment knowledge acquired in the classroom. The lab consists of 20 set of 8085 Micro Processor based training kits, 30 PCs for MASM programming, stepper motor and seven segment lcd interfacing cards. In addition to this 8086 and 8051 trainer  kits are also available in this lab.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

The students perform experiments using Digital Signal Processor trainer kits and execute programs using MATLAB. In addition to computers, arbitary function generators and Digital Storage Osciloscopes are available in the lab.

Laboratories for the Post Graduate (M.Tech) course are being setup separately.

Embedded System Lab

This lab is set up to familiarise the students with 8051 microcontroller kit and programming various interfacing circuits. The students get familiarised with UART communication, I2C communication etc..Various sensors, ADC ,ARM kit is also available for performing the experiments as per the syllabus.

Optoelectronics and Fiber Optics Lab

This lab is set up for Mtech program (Opto electronics and communication) .The facilities provide practical knowledge of semiconductor based optoelectronic devices. The lab is facilitated with all modern equipments to fulfil the requirements as per the syllabus.

Electronic Design and Automation Lab

The main softwares like SPICE, MATLAB, HDL etc.. are used for simulation of electronic and digital circuits as per the modern methodologies.

Seminar Hall

There is a well furnished and equipped seminar hall in the main building which caters for the needs of the department such as presentation of mini & main project and similar special programs.

Department Library

A library to cater or the requirements of the Department has been setup.