Electrical and Electronics Engineering is one of the largest and fastest growing fields which generally deals with the study and application of Electricity, Electronics & Electromagnetism. The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was established in the year 2006 with an objective to develop professionals through quality education with an intake of 60 students under CUSAT. Now there are 248 students, getting knowledge and care through us.

The department has good infrastructural facilities and is equipped with full fledged laboratories such as Basic Electrical lab, Electrical Machines Lab- I and II, Power Electronics lab, Electrical Measurements lab, Advanced Electrical Engineering lab and Electrical Workshop. The department also has audio visual facilities with LCD and OHP for effective teaching.

As a part of the curriculum, Industrial Visits are arranged for students. The institute has an IEEE student branch (SIST-SB) and the students of our department actively participate in various activities of IEEE in and outside the campus.

The Department faculty is a mix of industrial and academic expertise with highly qualified and experienced Professors, and Assistant Professors. There are 16 staff members in the department with 11 Master degree holders in Control and Instrumentation , Electrical Machines, Power Systems, Computer Applications and rest doing their post graduation. There are six lab instructors too to guide our students in lab.

Our main aim is to impart knowledge with innovative ideas to the students in the teaching-learning process. In the teaching-learning process, the students are given assignments and are made to work out exercise problems to equip themselves for the examination which is done apart from the two series tests.

The Staff Advisors identify slow learners and give them special training to enable them to cope with the other peers in the respective class. The meritorious students are given special training on current research areas. Our pass out students qualified many on and off campus interviews and now working in prime companies.

Every year we will be conducting Electrical Tech fest “SPARKS”, which help the students to organize conferences, seminars, short-term programs, symposia, workshops and refresher courses.

Our dept Students have proved their talents in university fest and won prizes for the institution and making our institution to head among others.


The Department of Electrical and Electronics is committed to the following cherished tasks:

  • To create a center of excellence for imparting technical expertise of the highest order fully equipped to face the challenges in the outside world armed with expert knowledge and skills which they have gained in the college through the state of the art technology.
  • To train them as highly skilled technocrats humane, humble and value consciousness which help them to enrich their own life and for our community.



To develop Excellent Conduct & Character, Good grounding in fundamentals, Self confidence, to improve their skill to come top in their professional career among students.


The educational objectives of the Programs of the EEE Department are to graduate individuals:

  • To experience success in electrical engineering areas or other diverse fields that requires analytical and professional skills.


  • To prepare students to contribute to their fields or professions and to excel them in professional ethics and leadership qualities.
  • To inculcate in students professional attitude, effective communication skills and an ability to succeed in multi-disciplinary and diverse fields.
  • To promote students to continue to pursue professional development, including continuing or advanced education relevant to their career path and to create enthusiasm for life-long learning.