The Department has properly equipped and well maintained facilities such as laboratories & workshops as per AICTE norms. The facilities are listed below.


The college has a state of art class room facility for all classes of mechanical engineering. There is a seminar hall equipped with latest LCD projector for various seminar activities.


  • Basic Electrical & Mechanical Workshop
  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  • Hydraulic Machinery Laboratory
  • Machine Shop
  • Heat & Mass Transfer Lab
  • Thermal Engineering Lab
  • Metrology & Measurements Lab
  • CAD/CAM Lab

Basic Electrical & Mechanical Workshop

This workshop mainly deals with the basic workshop & electrical elements. The workshop can accommodate latest facilities for basic workshop practices. The mechanical lab consists of  Fitting Shop, Sheet Metal Shop, Foundry Shop, Welding Shop, Carpentry Shop.

The electrical section is incorporated with latest experiments such as One lamp controlled by one switch, Series and parallel connections of lamps, Stair case wiring,  Hospital Wiring, Godown wiring, Fluorescent lamp, Connection of plug socket, Different kinds of joints, Transformer winding, Soldering practice, Familiarization of CRO.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Fluid Mechanics laboratory mainly deals with the study related with flow of fluids in various environments. The behavior of fluids at various levels are studied and experimented in this laboratory. The lab is equipped with :

1. Study of pipe fittings and plumbing tools
2. Experiment on notches
3. Pipe friction apparatus
4. Determination of minor losses
5. Metacentric height
6. Venturimeter

7. Orifice meter
8. Flow through orifice and mouthpiece
9. Reynolds experiment
10. Free & forced vortex apparatus
11. Verification of Bernoulli’s equation

Hydraulic Machinery Lab

Hydraulic Machinery Laboratory is a well equipped with the latest machineries which will help students to achieve knowledge about working of hydraulic equipments. The lab is having the best facilities that course can offer. The lab is equipped with :

1. Pelton Wheel
2. Francis Turbine
3. Centrifugal Pump
4. Reciprocating Pump
5. Jet pump
7. Submersible Pump
8. Gear Pump
9. Impact of Jets
10. Hydraulic Ram
11. Study of cut models of pumps and turbines.

Machine Shop

The Machine shop is the heart and soul of mechanical engineering branch. It deals with the various machining operations such as turning, milling, shaping, thread cutting, slotting, drilling etc. The machine shop in our institution possesses latest equipments in this field. The shop has 12 light duty lathes, 3 all geared lathe, 3 heavy duty, 2 heavy duty shaping machine, 2 light duty shaping machine, 2 medium duty milling machine, one slotting machine, one drilling machine, one light duty tool grinder, one 3 axis tool grinder, and one heavy duty machine saw..

Heat & Mass Transfer Lab

The lab deals with the flow of heat through various mediums. The students can gather knowledge about various heat and mass transfer taking place in various conditions. The lab is equipped with :

1. Performance studies on a shell and tube heat exchanger
2. Composite wall Apparatus
4. Emissivity measurement of a radiating surface
5. Thermal conductivity of a metal rod
6. Measurement of unsteady state conduction heat transfer

7. Experimental study on forced convection heat transfer
8. Experimental study of dropwise and flimwise condensation
9. Experiments on boiling heat transfer
10. Stefan boltz mann’s law
11. Natural Convection.

Thermal Engineering Lab

Thermal engineering lab helps the student to acquire knowledge about the working of various kinds of engines and engine components. The lab also helps the students in studying about air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. The various kinds of efficiency tests on engines are also conducted in this laboratory. The lab consists of :

1. Determination of flash and fire points of fuels and oils
2. Viscosity of fuels and oils and its variation with temperature
3. Determination of Calorific values of fuels
4. Performance of simple journal bearings
5. Valve timing diagrams of I.C. engines
6. Morse Test on Multi Cylinder Petrol Engine

7. Performance test on air compressors
8. Test on air conditioning equipment and refrigeration equipment
9. Bomb calorimeter
10. Honda Engine
11. Kriloskar Diesel Engine

Metrology and Measurements Lab

Metrology and Measurements lab deals with various instruments used for precision measuring. The lab possesses various highly sophisticated instruments for research activities. The lab has :

1. Use of vernier caliper, micrometer, depth gauge and height gauge – source of
error in measurement ideas on range, precision and accuracy
2. Slip gauges and their use in linear measurements.
3. Ideas on tolerance allowance, limits, fits.
4. Dial gauges – their use in the measurement of small linear displacements,
parallelism and concentricity.
5. Measurements using tool maker’s microscope – tool angles and tool wear.

6. Measurement of surface roughness – surface roughness parameters – surface
finish evaluation using Mitutoyo surface roughness tester SJ-100
7. Surface Evaluation Parameters using Autocollimator
8. Microscope/Measuring Projector.
9. Use of measuring Projector to evaluate form error.
10. Microstructure studies using Metallurgical Microscope.
11. Lathe tool dynamometer – study and use of measurement of cutting forces in turning.
12. Milling forces – Milling parameters – measurement of milling forces in slab milling operations.
14. Measurement of drilling thrust and torque using drill tool dynamometer.


Computer aided design/drafting and computer aided manufacturing lab deals with the most modern technology of merging computer in production industry. The lab helps the student to create their own products in the computer software and get the products manufactured using CNC machine. The lab is equipped with most modern softwares such as Cadian Mech, Solid Edge ST-3, Femap Analysis 10.2, Cam Express etc.

Seminar Hall

There is a well furnished and equipped seminar hall in the main building which caters for the needs of the department such as presentation of mini & main project and similar special programs.

Department Library

A departmental library to cater the requirements of the Department has been setup.