Career Objective After Retirement

Gainfully utilize the rich R&D experience and innovative thinking gained through working in VSSC/ISRO for 38 years from 1968 to 2006, for research in socially relevant areas and academics.

Contributions as HOD R&D, SIST

Set up and R&D Lab to support EC, EI and CS Projects at B.Tech, M.Tech and PhD level.

    • Microcontroller based projects.
    • Mobile phone based instrumentation.
    • Internet based Telemedicine system.
    • Web based tutoring system.
    • Virtual instrumentation using LABVIEW.
    • Mobile tower radiation hazards- Measurements and methods to reduce ill effects.


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Training undergone : Management effectiveness of Women in Management Tata Management Training Centre, Pune.

Experience in VSSC/ISRO (1968- 2006): 38 years R&D experience in Avionics, VSSC, ISRO.

1983-2006 in Navigation, Guidance and Control systems area : Was responsible for Flight Computer Checkout Systems activities for launch vehicles ASLV, PSLV, GSLV and Advanced missions. Distinguished contribution to India’s National space program in the areas of Real time Test methodology and Automatic test & simulation systems for verification and validation of launch vehicle navigation guidance and control system. Test methodology and concept formulation, high performance computer realization for simulated flight testing in open loop and closed loop modes, Test Data analysis, vehicle data management have been successfully carried out. Flight computers used are tightly coupled, fault tolerant distributed processor systems using state of the art microprocessors (ASIC/i960/68000/6800). Latest systems used 1553 bus and earlier systems used high speed point to point communication.

1968-1983. In Communication area in realizing PCM Decommutation systems and in Instrumentation.

Prizes, Awards Gained

  • National Merit Scholarship(1962)for University education.
  • Recipient of the National Award-“Suman Sharma Award for the year 2000 ” instituted by Institution of engineers’ National Design and Research Forum- for outstanding contribution in the field of Engineering design.
  • Gave Kalpana Chawla Memorial lecture at Annual general meeting,Aeronautical Society of India ( Dec 2005).
  • Received Aryabhateeya – 2000 Award from Swadesi Science Movement.
  • Medal from Kerala University as a Ph D awardee.

Received Appreciation Letters

  • From Chairman ISRO(Sept 05) for development and operationalisation of NGC variable data management package for all launch vehicle onboard computers and simulation systems.
  • From Director, VSSC, (Feb’87), for contribution for PCM Decommutation Systems.
  • From Project Director, Inertial Guidance System Project, (Oct’90 & Mar’92) for contributions towards Inertial Guidance System evaluation for PSLV.


(a) International :

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(b) National

(1) Innovative concepts in verification and validation of Navigation, guidance and control in Aerospace vehicles. Kalpana Chawla Memorial lecture, AeSI annual Meeting, Bombay Dec 2005.

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(21) Radiation studies in a mobile phone National seminar Pala. 2011

General Interest Papers

(1) Environment friendly living with reduced cost of living.Published in VSSC Intranet, Ashoka.

(2) Women in Science and Technology, VSSC scenario.Kerala Science Congress, 1998.

(3) Waste as a resource: Managing house waste. Seminar on waste management, British Council Library, Trivandrum. 2001.

(4) My mother, a remembrance. Souvenir, St Gregorios Orthodox Church, Trivandrum.

(5) God with us. Souvenir, St Gregorios Orthodox Church, Trivandrum.

(6) Forgiveness. Souvenir, St Gregorios Orthodox Church, Trivandrum.

(7) Positive communication: Magazine, United Christian Movement.

(8) Visit to Israel (travelogue)

(9) Relevance of the Bible at present. Magazine, United Christian Movement.

(10) Some spiritual thoughts based on my father’s last days. ICON, May 8, 2007.

(11) What Bible says about alcoholism. Souvenir, St Gregorios Orthodox Church, Trivandrum. 2011, ICON

(12) Goal setting in the life of a christian.. Souvenir, St Gregorios Orthodox Church, Trivandrum. 2011

(13) Does science contradict faith. ICON June 2012.

(14) Happy family life: challenges and precautions. Orthodox Syrian Christians, South Zone churches . 2009.

(15) Guiding principles as a successful research scientist and a home maker. Inaugural address in conference on women and science at Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta. 2010.


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