Our Department has fully equipped laboratory for conducting experiments by the students of B.Tech Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering. The laboratory facility includes:

  • Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Process Control Lab
  • Signal Processing Lab(DSP)

Instrumentation Laboratory

This lab is equipped with cathode ray oscilloscope, DC dual variable power supply, function generator, digital multimeter, DC ammeters, DC voltmeters, Kelvin Double Bridge, Wheatstone Bridge, LVDT, capacitance trainer kit, Maxwell’s inductance Bridge, Hay’s Bridge, Schering’s Bridge, Redwood Viscometer, temperature trainer kit, Strain measurement trainer, Digital pH meter, Dead weight pressure gauge . Fifth semester students are mainly using this lab. This lab deals with the study of each instruments and measurement of various parameters.

Process Control Lab


This lab consists of  Pressure Process Station, Level Process Station, Flow Process Station and Temperature Process Station. And it deals with the study of process of various controllers in each process station. Seventh semester students are using this lab.

Signal Processing Lab(DSP)

This lab contain TMS320C50 based DSP trainer kit, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, PCs, 8085 Microprocessor Trainer Kit with LCD display and ASCII keyboard, Traffic Light Interface Module, ADC Interface Module, DAC Interface Module, Stepper Motor Interfacing Module with Motor, 4 digit Seven Segment 4*5 keyboard Interfacing Module, 8279 Study card, 8253 study card, Digital Multimeter, Function Generator, DC Dual variable Power Supply, Digital IC trainer kit. This lab is mainly using fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh semester students.

The facilities in the above laboratories are being upgraded with new and sophisticated equipments for conducting experiments and also with the upgradation of facilities it will be possible to conduct R&D activity in the area of fiber optic sensors, process control optimization and smart devices for various application.