The department offers four year B.Tech course in Electronics and Instrumentation. The department has planned to conduct post gradate course in the subject in the coming years. The objective of the department is to train the students in the multivisionary area of instrumentation covering various areas Electronic, Electrical, Mechanical and Optoelectronics. The students get exposure to Industrial Instrumentation so as to take up responsibilities in various industries as Instrumentation Engineers. The department also has initiated the design and development of satellite payload with the major participation of the students. The mission of the department is to fulfill the needs of industry by providing trained human resources. Students with good scores are getting place merits in both IT and core industries.


Electronics & Instrumentation Engineers carry out the task of measuring, doing research, installing, developing, testing, maintaining and designing various instruments used in the industry. With computer aided processes and automation techniques, these engineers formulate ways to control these systems. To put it crisply, they aim to ‘measure the world accurately and to control it precisely’. The Department equips students with knowledge of instruments and their management.


To Develop Competent Electronics and Instrumentation Engineers with high Academic Credentials and to make the department recognized by the Learning Community, Teaching Community and Industries.


The educational objectives of the Programs of the EIE Department are:

  • Acquire a solid foundation in the mathematical, science and engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, solve and synthesis the engineering problems and pursue higher studies.
  • Possess technical knowledge for professional careers in Electronics, Instrumentation, Electrical and Control related fields that cater to the needs of industries.
  • Have expertise in carrying out project works in recent instrumentation engineering field and to synthesize technical concepts for applications, so as to design the control systems for equipments and processes.
  • Possess a good communication skill with ability to work collaboratively in groups, lead teams, understand their professional and ethical responsibilities, thus contributing immensely to the growth and development of nation.